What to Look For When Selecting a LASIK Clinic

If you’re thinking of having LASIK done in Singapore, keep reading to find out from 3 startups that have experienced LASIK first hand, and what the process really is like. You don’t always get to pick what process you would like. There are pros and cons to every option. Here’s how they detailed how they saw the different options that are available for LASIK.

First up is our center for vision correction. The Singapore Eye Hospital has one of the most comprehensive centers for vision correction. In fact, it’s ranked number one for all surgeries around the globe. The LASIK process works by reshaping your cornea so that your vision is corrected. When it comes to LASIK Singapore, you can expect an overall cure rate of 98%.

Public Or Private Clinic For Lasik?

In the public sector, there are two main types of LASIK that are offered. One is completely in the private sector, meaning that you will have to go to private clinics and hospitals to have your eyes treated. The other is a blended private/public service, which means that there are some centers for vision correction in the public sector, as well as private clinics and hospitals that offer the LASIK procedure. Singapore’s public health system, like many Asian countries, is quite efficient in providing care through these hospitals. For example, the Royal Prince Alfred hospital in the Singapore River is one of the best in the world, and many patients come here for LASIK surgery.

Private clinics and hospitals offer various procedures but mostly consist of LASIK, as well as other off-patent surgeries. LASIK is only one of them. As mentioned above, there are various kinds of surgeries, all aimed at different problems with your eyes. Some of these include corrective eye surgery, corneal topography, laser resurfacing, and so on. As you would expect, the prices vary widely. Some of the more reputable private practitioners will even advertise their services online. Also when you look into private clinics, their services come with some costs. Check here for lasik eye surgeon cost for SG.

If you have decided to use a clinic in Singapore for LASIK surgery, the first thing that you should do is decide where to go. There are actually many different genres, including a few in the most popular areas of town. Most centers will have separate facilities for eyes that are both near and far-sighted, as well as a few that specialize in just one particular eye. In most cases, these private clinics will be located in prime locations. For instance, if you live in the vicinity of a business district, then chances are that there are a few clinics situated there.

Few Private Eye Surgery Clinics

One of the most prestigious centres in Singapore is the Orchard Medical Centre. This organisation is run by the world-famous Dr Yang Kewkow. This centre is Singapore’s leading LASIK eye clinic and is renowned for its state of the art equipment and care that it provides to patients who have had LASIK surgery. The Orchard Medical Centre offers not only standard laser surgery, but also cataract surgery and other more advanced vision correction techniques. Some of the services that it offers include customised vision correction solutions, and comprehensive eye exams.

Another place to find a reputable LASIK clinic in Singapore is the SingTel International Laser center. This organization is run by Mr. Paul Sheer. The Singtel International Laser Centre has been around since 2021 and is renowned for offering not only state-of-the-art laser vision correction but also for its high standard training. Many of its treatments, including the TTSH procedure, are covered by Medicare. Other services that are offered include customized vision solutions and comprehensive exams.

In conclusion, when considering LASIK in Singapore clinics should be fully accredited as well as affordable. The best LASIK clinics in Singapore will provide a full array of laser vision correction techniques, as well as comprehensive assistance after the treatment. They should offer competitive pricing on various types of treatments and also conduct regular audits to ensure the quality of their work. Choosing a good clinic near your home is your best option for a hassle-free procedure.

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