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May 26, 2017

The Climate is Big Business conference got a lot of attention in the media. This is an overview.

Jerry Brown talks up climate fight, says Trump may come around


Gov. Jerry Brown held up California as a leader in the fight against climate change, renewing a pledge Wednesday with representatives of the Netherlands to continue cutting carbon emissions and investing in clean technology.

Governor Brown talks climate change in San Francisco


VIDEO The Netherlands sent a delegation of 26 officials including its Environment Minister with a goal of promoting and sustaining the Paris environmental accords struck in 2015 among 195 nations and governments.

"Time is of the essence (and) we must act now," aid Netherlands Environment Minister Sharon Dijksma. "We can't let Paris slip through our fingers and that's why we are here."
Because the Trump Administration has many climate change skeptics, many governments abroad see the state California as a world leader. "The European Union feels great affinity with California's approach to climate change." Dijksma said.

Governor Brown get Oroville Dan, Caltrain funding from Trump, hoping for climate change


VIDEO Brown made those comments during a joint climate conference with The Netherlands. Representatives from that country are in San Francisco to exchange ideas and seek mutual cooperation.

"What is rea, is in the future, investing in climate will bring growth and will bring jobs," said Sharon Dijksma, Minister for the Environment for the Netherlands.

The Netherlands considers California to be at the forefront of the climate battle.

Jerry Brown talks up climate fight, says Trump may come around


Brown was alongside the Netherlands’ minister for the environment, Sharon Dijksma, in keynoting Wednesday’s climate conference at the Golden Gate Club in the Presidio.

Alongside California, the Netherlands was one of the earliest to join the Under 2 Coalition, an agreement among nations and states to try to limit temperature rise by reducing carbon pollution. It was also the first European nation to welcome a Tesla on its roads, according to the envoy.

California and the Dutch have since collaborated in supporting climate initiatives like clean tech, including zero-emissions cars, for which they reaffirmed their backing on Wednesday. The governor said he expects to do more to get environmentally friendly electric vehicles on the state’s roads.

Brown: Trump will come around on climate change


“President Trump is a realist – and there’s nothing more real than the atmosphere and the chemistry that determines our weather and our long-term climate,” Brown told reporters at a climate change conference hosted by the Netherlands in San Francisco on Wednesday. “I don’t know that he’s going to come aboard immediately – but I do know that with our efforts in California, joining with other states and other provinces in the world, that we will be successful in pushing this agenda.

California Lauds Dutch Work Against Global Warming


Brown stood alongside Dutch Minister for the Environment Sharon Dijksma, who praised California’s fight against global warming despite opposition from Washington. “The European Union feels great affinity for California’s approach to climate change,” Dijksma said. “I’m a very optimistic person and there are a lot of signs of hope, and one of them is the progressive leadership of California.”

Jerry Brown on Trump and the Pope: ‘Don’t underestimate the power of the Holy Father’

“It’s very good that the Pope met with President Trump, and very good that President Trump met with him. I remember there was some negative discussion a few months ago,” Brown told reporters in San Francisco, where he spoke at a climate conference hosted by the California Environmental Protection Agency and the Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

Gov. Brown Optimistic on Climate Change, Trump


The governor appeared at the conference “Climate is Big Business,” which is part of a Netherlands climate mission to California. The two-day event was co-hosted by the California Environmental Protection Agency and the Dutch government.

Brown sounds optimistic note on Trump


Speaking at a climate conference put on by the Dutch government, Brown took a noticeably softer approach to Trump than he has in previous speeches, where he would criticize the president without using his name.

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